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Group Meeting

Growing with others

This setting is designed to provide a psycho-educational experience with others who are engaging in a similar new adventure. Choose from Expecting Parents, New Parents, Weathered Parents and Soon to Newly Wed.

Expecting Parents is designed for couples who are in the current pregnancy stage and will soon be adding a new bundle of joy to their existing family. Whether this is your first, you are blending families, or beyond, these group session will help couples to work on building bonds and fostering understanding that will help them established a foundation for themselves as a unit, as the couple they are and were prior to the children. Couples will gain insight and tools to help them create, nourish, and maintain THEM as their family grows.

New Parents piggy backs off of the Expecting Parents group and whereas there is a refresh of some key items, take a look at maintaining the relationship with children, while also caring for yourself and the baby, kids, and family.  
Weathered Parents also includes a few techniques and refreshers from Expecting Parents and New Parents, while mostly focusing on how to reignite the spark and connection that often tends to drift when parents are pulled in various ways while adapting to their new world , maintaining their jobs, and just learning to survive and get by. 

Soon to Newly Wed is designed for engaged couples to share and compare, aligning their lives while leaning to respect their partners and love them through their greats, oopsies and ick habits without those nuances ripping the couple apart. 

Expecting Parents, New Parents and Weathered Parents is a 3 part series, that can be taken singularly as well as together; there is a discount when signing up for all three at the same time.

If you are interested, please send in the contact form with your information and list those groups which you are interested in and we will contact you with the next session dates. 

Please know that these sessions are intended for couples to learn from one another as much as from the the group leader however, it is not required that people share, but is welcomed if you choose to do so. 


It is expected that groups will be paid in full in advance. However, we do want to ensure that all who are interested in attending are able to do so regardless of their financial situations, so please let us know on the form if you are interested but would like to be considered for sliding scale attendance and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

COMPLETE CONTACT INFO & we will return your request

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