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Kaya Chiropractic & Wellness

At Kaya Chiropractic and Wellness it is our mission to empower and support your body’s innate ability to heal.


Directional Non-Force Technique® (D.N.F.T.) is a gentle method of chiropractic care that works by communicating with the body through a reflexive leg check called the D.N.F.T® Reactive Leg Reflex™ check. By allowing the body to communicate in this manner and convey what it is ready to have adjusted, a gentle and directionally specific thumb impulse in the corrective direction is all that is needed to bring balance to bony and soft tissue structures and provide long lasting alignment.

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STIFFNESS            NUMBNESS             PAINS                 ACHES     

                          This practice can help take it all away! 

Dr. Schwartz-Edmisten is amazing! Not only did she help realign my body, alleviating numbness from my hands and legs, as well as lower back and hip pain all brought out through my pregnancy and post partum.

In addition, though emotional coding, she was able to remove emotional blockage that was from my own child in addition to ancestorial, bring about a sense of calmness within the body. 

Success Story:
Our two year old had fallen sides off our patio furniture, and we began noticing that he was very whiney and clingy. In asking doctor if she would work on children, we brought him in, she adjusted his T1, T2 & sternum, and he was his happy, enthusiastic growing self again!  Now, in over a year of her treating him, we know, if he takes a bad fall and we see a change in his temperament, we bring him in and through the adjustments, he is back to himself.  


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