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CoVid: 19 Coping at Home

During this time of CoVid when many are force to be inside and working around their partner as well as helping children with school, becoming teachers, remaining homemakers and also maintianing their paying jobs, it can be a challenge to not only find time for yourself but to stay centered and maintain a feeling of self control.

Tips for managing it ALL: "Just BE"

1. Be forgiving - remember this is unchartered waters for all and so there is no right or wrong there is simply what works best for your family.

2. Be understanding - as much as you need people to cut you slack for the many hats that you are wearing, remember to do the same for them. This is a time we can use to re-set and redefine what is most important and what is truely a good balance of accomplishable tasks, not such as has been previously defined by soicieties standards but what you define for your families standards. 

3. Be respectful - to family, friends, and work associates. This is hard times for everyone, coming from a world that expected everything to be immediate and perfect, to messy, undefined and reimagined.  Take back the pharse, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a perfect theme for excepting and not expecting.

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