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Power Walk
Office Apointments

Come in person to a relaxing setting. 

In person therapy takes place at the therapist office, 

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Office Appointments

A therapeutic setting that is relaxing and inviting for one to feel at ease and open up.

Group Meeting
Group Services

Each group series offers several sessions with others that a focuses on aspects of the couples relationships and how to nurture and foster their own unique foundation.  


Utilizing essential oils to assist in ones mindset and health.

Working with individuals, couples or families in a therapeutic setting that is comfortable, relaxing, non-judgmental and open to discuss whatever one needs.

Through utilization of my knowledge of family systems, you develop your goals and I assist you in achieving them.Within family systems approach, therapist incorporates work through the PAC model which is similar to Internal Family Systems, in addition to incorporation of the specific parts of models that best fit the client and their needs, demonstrating both integrative and collaborative practices. 

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