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In light of the COVID-19 crisis, one modern and also convenient method for conducting a session is through use of a HIPAA compliant site that allows for video conferencing that can be done computer to computer or even through use of your cell phone or tablet. 

Telehealth Session offers some great unique attributes in and of itself; where there is no recording and it adheres to the same strict guidelines of confidentiality, meaning there is no one in the room but the therapist and her computer. Other unique features include the safety of having a computer between you and the therapist, this can often help put at ease anyone uncertain about attending a session. This form of therapy also allows for remote yet functional session, in that you are able to stop for 50 minutes have a session, and then go back about your business without having to drive somewhere. 

Most importantly this form of session allows for you to remain safe, in your home and protected away from the possibility of getting sick protecting your health during this time of crisis. 

Individual, couples and family sessions are all available for telehealth. Please send me a message with your interest and I will followup with availability to conduct an intake. 

COMPLETE CONTACT INFO & we will return your request

Cost: During this time cost of sessions are being offered on a sliding scale.

What is most important is being able to offer therapy to any and all who reach out and want it.


IMPORTANT: Whereas telehealth offers some great conveniences it is important for participants to be aware of the challenges when using technology such as connection to internet and other complications that can arise when using remote services. 

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