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Group Therapy

With California, Washington and New York among other Cities, Counties and areas in the United States and around the world asking or ordering people to stay in their homes, these times of uncertainty can leave many with feeling of anxiety, stress, isolation and fear. People find themselves in situations that  are uncomfortable to them such as dealing with children who are active and pent up, teenagers who want to go see their friends, spouses who are spending more confined time together to those who might live alone, or are forced into their rooms away from others such as our elderly in care homes or loved ones who might be feeling ill.

These groups are design to provide a platform for people to express their feelings as well as connect with others who might be going through similar feelings, as well as allow for people to gain alternative perspective on how they can take this uncertain time and turn it into something positive or productive for them.

Open Group*


Mindfulness and Self-Defense in the Modern World

Monday at 9:30 am - Angelina   

Canceled 10/11/2021


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video conferencing

Our group sessions are design for all to join at any time for FREE. They are scheduled at various times in 60 minute increments; please see below for specific times and the individual leading the group.

 If you have trouble logging in please send a text message to (916)573-0746  so we can try and assist.

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