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Marriage Family Therapist

Working with you as an individual, couple or a family in a therapeutic setting that is comfortable, relaxing, non-judgmental and open to discuss what ever one needs.

Through utilization of my knowledge of family systems, you develop your goals and I assist you in achieving them.


Working with you to develop your goals, and help you frame your path to your success.

Together we will work to outline what it is you desire, and then create a plan to make it happen.

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Other services and providers for various health needs.

Authentic Counseling Associates 

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Taking care of your mental health

Office Appointments
Support Course

Typically the first few session are comprised of learning about the client(s) and what their goals of therapy will be. These sessions are in a comfortable office setting and tend to average about 50 min. 

Memberships start at 1 session a week, plus unlimited texting and email acces.

Packages can be tailored to include couples, families, or more sessions per week; paid monthly, in advance. 

Sessions are 50 minutes

Clients receive psych-education, direction and course work in addition to one-on-one sessions in a specific area of focus:

7 sessions, 1 per week

50 minutes


*specials run 1 time a year


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