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About Me

Counselor Sacramento

Angelina Bravo, AMFT

After going through some early life changes, I decided I wanted to give back and help empower others such as I learned to do myself. Having grown up seeking acceptance and love as many of us do, it was challenging to decipher what was what I truly wanted  from that which I thought I needed based on external influences.

I choose the field of Marriage, Family Therapy because it offers a diverse system which allows individuals to embrace who they are while also learning to create the narrative they want and choose. 

This is true for those in relationships that might feel lonely, or separate from their partner and seek a connection, to those who might feel lost in their job, looking for some since of direction. There are those who suffer from lack of relationships either intimate, friendship and with their family, as well as those who have suffered from traumatic experiences, and would like to work through them in order to create their own idealistic place of happiness. Previous experience and knowledge include working through marriage, infidelity, divorce, illness, loss of loved ones, family trauma including molestation, abuse, bulling, and depression.  This awareness lends to a non-judgmental environment while working with my clients, as well as provides insight and techniques that will help you to overcome those challenges that you face in yours

When working with couples, families and individuals my focus is to assist my clients in learning the ability to consider situations or occurrences through an alternative perspective. It is through the knowledge and understanding that individuals each have their own view point of a given situation that together they can work to respect the others feelings and opinions without having to agree or loose themselves in order to live in peace with others. Utilization of visualization and focusing on ones goals, desires and ambitions also assist in helping one achieve desired results. Some techniques include being mindful of the impact on ones perception of situations and life experiences.

With a broad background in Political Science (Bachelors of Arts),  Psychology (minor degree + ) and Marriage, Family Therapy (Masters degree), my experience and education has trained me to be accepting of all; each individual is an amazing experience of their own life, and when taught how to share and express those feelings without judgement of another, it is together that we learn to grow and exist in happiness.


Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist #117870

Practicing at  - 
Authentic Counseling Associates supervised by Dr. Christopher Mathe PSY 25111


Providing you with support and care

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Working with you as an individual, couple or a family in a therapeutic setting that is comfortable, relaxing, non-judgmental and open to discuss what ever one needs.

Through utilization of my knowledge of family systems,you develop your goals and I assist you in achieving them.


Working with you to develop your goals, and help you frame your path to your success.

Together we will work to outline what it is you desire, and then create a plan to make it happen.

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