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Providing support services through tele-health sessions while people are sheltered in place.

Get Connected! FREE Support Group offered, along with podcasts and techniques to help all during these times.

Additional support information & services.


Assisting couples in expressing their individual desires as well as developing those that serve them together.


Helping individuals to work through internal dilemmas: conflict with others, within themselves, feeling stuck in life or needing to work through past trauma.


Work with couples, and their children, spouses and their parents, siblings and spouses...any grouping of relationships is welcomed to come into therapy together and work on their relationships.

Authentic Counseling Associates 

Gold River & Auburn

Taking care of your mental health

Office Appointments

Typically the first few session are comprised of learning about the client(s) and what their goals of therapy will be. These sessions are in a comfortable office setting and tend to average about 50 min. 

Walk n Talk

Session are conducted at your place of preference (for example at your office, if you have a private enclosed space & subject to approval or if you prefer, walking a path during your session. 

On average:

Sessions are 50 minutes


Clients receive psycho-education on the specific area of focus in an intimate  group setting.

On average:

Classes are 5 sessions

90 minutes


*specials run 1 time a year

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Resources for Parenting & Children

Resources for Stress & Coping